Baseball is an Old Man Sport

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October 9, 2012 by ryanoudoak


It’s been years since I’ve been able to follow baseball on any kind of a serious level. I have tried in recent years, but I just don’t have a passion for it. I grew up a Pittsburgh Pirates fan and I can tell you exactly when I stopped following baseball. It was October 14, 1992 and my Pirates were facing the Atlanta Braves in a game 7 of the NLCS with a chance to finally get over the hump and into the World Series. Francisco Cabrera hit a pinch hit single that brought Sid Bream home from first base and sent the Braves to the series.

I apologize in advance to my fellow Pirate fans.

In recent years, the Manager of the Pirates that day, Jim Leyland, Manages the Detroit Tigers in the city I now call home. Since his arrival in Detroit, I have unsuccessfully tried to rekindle my love of baseball.

Baseball has betrayed their fans over and over again through the years; it’s amazing that they have held onto any of their fans. As the world continue to speed up with social media and on-demand programming creating a society that is increasingly accustomed to immediate results and immediate satisfaction, baseball continues to slide in the opposite direction. The season gets longer and the post-season gets more crowded and continues to stretch further into the part of the year that now belongs to football. This year, the post-season is so confusing that even my most die-hard baseball fan friends are either complaining about it or just throw their hands up when I ask them about it. So, baseball, you added a fifth team from each League so that you could have a one-game elimination format for the two wild cards? OK. And then the two teams with the best record from each league start out the post-season on the road for the first two games of a five-game series?

We really don’t need to look beyond the current headlines in each sport to understand why baseball is sinking so fast in popularity compared to the NFL.  Any sport, when it is entering their playoff, gets more intense as the games increase in meaning. So let’s examine the headlines for Major League Baseball today:

Cardinals Even NLDS with offensive outburst.  Ok, not bad. One of the complaints in baseball is the lack of scoring.

Ichiro, Andino display acrobatics early in game 2.  Well, I’m going to be honest. When I read this headline I think rhythmic gymnastics, not the playoffs of a major sport.

On top of these, the story that I kept hearing all day was how upset the Oakland A’s were that Al Alburquerque kissed a baseball during their game. This is what we focus on during the playoffs?

Now let’s compare these headlines with what is going on in the NFL. Now keep in mind that the season in the NFL is just getting started.  Arguably, this is the time of season that the headlines should be most tame.

Welker says postgame comment about Belichick was a joke. The comment was in answer to a question about having a big day in a win, as opposed to limited play in a loss a couple of weeks ago. He stated that it was felt good to rub it in the face of his head coach. No respect.

Redskins’ Shanahan says RG3 feeling good after injury. Yeah, the quarterback got a concussion and will play next week after taking a couple of days off. A lot of injury news in the brutal sport that is football.

Bills coach Gaily looking for answers, says he hates ‘quitters’. I mean that is calling your guys out. Perhaps they should look for some more acrobatic players?

I realize this is being written with a slant and everybody has their opinion and this is my blog. So there it is, baseball is for wimps and football is for tough guys. Or, more specifically, baseball is for old men.

I wish that I could, but nobody says it better than the late, great George Carlin:


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